Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Year End Review

Since I did not post much (anything) after January last year, I thought I would share a little with a year-end review and update.

2009 started off good with some work with an old friend, John Wehrle, as a mural painter [assistant]. I worked on his mural in Richmond Ca on MacDonald ave. John is an amazing artist and muralist with an impressive body of work around the west coast. I had a great time working with John and his crew on such a great project.

Following the mural gig, I took a road trip to Seattle to display some paintings at Café Javasti. I had a 6-week showing of about a dozen pieces. Café Javasti is a wonderful place to grab a latte or a delicious crepe while you view some amazing art from emerging artist. The show was well received and I got great feedback from people regarding my work. I am looking for gallery representation and hope to have another show in the near future. And I am currently working on a new series of urban observation paintings. These will be urbanscapes painted from locations throughout the Bay Area with a few from the North West as well as LA. I will be posting updates of my work as I develop the paintings.

The most exciting news for me in ’09 was my involvement with the Richmond Art Center [RAC]. As of March 2009, I have been a member of their Board of Directors. It is an honor and a privilege to serve on the board of this great institution. The Richmond Art Center was founded in 1936 and is one of the longest continuously running nonprofit art organization on the west coast. The center is a gem. The RAC encourages active engagement in the visual arts through exhibitions, workshops, classes, events, and outreach programs. With its 25,000 square foot facility, amazing staff and teachers, the RAC serves the community with sincerity and passion for the arts. The RAC has been a part of my life in one form or another for over 15 years. I was first introduced to the RAC as a child when I took several drawing and painting classes. Later, I would become involved in a community outreach program as a teen. It was during this time that my role as a volunteer expanded and my appreciation for the center grew. The RAC played an integral role in my life as a young man and inspiring artist. Now, as an adult and an emerging artist, I am thrilled at the opportunity to give back to the RAC by serving on the board. Over the past several months the RAC has given me the opportunity to work on many projects and meet many wonderful people. I look forward to another year on the RAC board.

The year ended with the RAC
Holiday Arts Festival.

This is a wonderful event held at the RAC every year in December. There are activities for children, music, food, a silent auction and amazing handmade goods sold by local artist. I had the privilege of having two of my pieces up for the auction. It was an honor to have my pieces accompanied by the work of such a diverse and talented pool of local, emerging and established artist. Both my pieces sold, which is always welcomed as an emerging artist, but more importantly, the proceeds benefit the programs at the RAC. I am thankful to the people that purchased my work, not only for their interest in my work and their appreciation for original art, but also their contribution to the center.

** FUN RAC FACTS: to help those of you unfamiliar with the RAC get a grasp of its extremely rich history and impact on the Bay Area art world, I wanted to share two interesting facts about the Richmond Art Center:

1) In 1962 the Richmond Art Center, along with the now defunct Everett Ellin Gallery in L.A., were the first west coast galleries to show the work of Jasper Johns in a solo show.

2) 1968-71 Tom Marioni worked as curator of art for the Richmond Art Center

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