Friday, January 23, 2009

Urban Observations

I stumbled upon the sites bellow during a stroll through the north end of the Capital Hill neighborhood of Seattle. I like the idea of painting commonplace scenes that you would ordinarily walk past.


C.B. Canga said...

hey jerard,

these are great. love the weathered feel, lot's of character.

i just added you blog to my links.


Jonhenry said...

The lower painting with the blue wall and red door is awesome. I want to use words like "didactic" as I feel I should when referring to art of this skill level. But I'll struggle to keep it real and simply refer to it as "pimpin."

Jerarde said...
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Jerarde said...

Chris- Thank you. Yeah, the weathered look is definitely what stopped me in the first place when I walked past these sites.

Johnhenry- thanks. That is a personal fav. It also tells a story, one that I don't know... whats up with the paint? Did they run out and forget? Oh, and I'll also settle for, "didactically pimpin".

Art Fan Ako said...

Very nice! The second one looks like a photo. I'm adding you also for links to follow.

Paola said...

Your urban observations are gorgeous!
Keep on painting them, please!

I really appreciate your comments on my work, thanks!